No Quarter - It's crafted! By a Maker, even!


This site documents the usage of the the "No Quarter" game launcher. No Quarter is a graphically minimalist and customizable menu for opening documents based on associated programs, built with arcade and game console emulators in mind.

No Quarter looks best with lower-resolution desktops.

System Requirements:

Download No Quarter here

Windows - 32 and 64 bit:

The download has the Windows 64-bit binaries in place and ready to go. If you are using 32-bit Windows, then go into the nq-32 folder and move or copy the folder and files out of there up one level to the parent NoQuarter directory, over-writing the existing files.

What it looks like:

This screenshot demonstrates most of what you see when it's running:

The top left rectangle is the current game list. The rectangle below the game list presents a slideshow of screenshots for the currently selected game. The right side of the screen displays a poster of the currently selected game. The rectangle above the poster, displaying the five stars, tells you the current category of game lists. The rectangle below the poster tells you the name of the current game list.

This screenshot demonstrates the remaining two graphical features which couldn't be captured in a single screenshot:

You can configure a logo for the hardware platform to be inserted into the slideshow every X number of slides, as seen by the Gamecube logo.

Wolverine is demonstrating the other feature, which is to configure animations representative of the current game list ("versus", in this case) which will pop up from time to time for your amusement. These animations are not on a per-game basis, only per-game-list, which is why you see Logan popping his claws despite the fact that the selected game is not a Marvel game. You may configure as many animations as you like for each game list. Animations are not cycled sequentially, instead, they are chosen at random among the available animations for the game list.

Features & Limitations

I tried to be as brief as I can in this section to help you decide if No Quarter is something you want to try out. Details of these items are explained elsewhere.

Planned features/improvements

Running the demo:

I use AVG for my anti-virus, and it always insists on running a scan on NQ every time I launch it. It doesn't find anything suspicious, but be aware that your anti-virus might make some noise about it.

You can run No Quarter from wherever you unzipped it to. Double-click nq.exe. You will be greeted with a splash screen while the configuration file is read and processed. (I haven't tested this on a lot of PCs, but IIRC, the splash screen always looks funky on the first run on any PC. Subsequent runs do not have this problem. I cannot replicate this problem because I've already run NQ on all of my PCs) No games or emulators have been distributed with this. As mentioned above, NQ works by user-defined file associations, so for the demo, I have associated png and jpg files with Notepad (but without any arguments to Notepad, so it won't be trying to open the image files). If you choose to run a game, Notepad will open, and then closing Notepad will return you to the FE.

While the splash screen will always take up as much of the screen as possible, once all of the images are loaded and the main part of the program is running, NQ will only take up as much of the screen as is configured in the main config file. The demo is configured for a 640 * 480 resolution. If your desktop is at a higher resolution, you will have a blueish-white background behind the main box which isn't really meant to be seen in production .

This is not a comprehensive list of features, but these actions cover the majority of the NQ experience:


When you're ready to start setting up NoQuarter for your own use, click here